Halloween meets Bridal in this spooky and modern styled shoot.

There’s nothing quite like the serendipity of meeting a couple as excited about an idea as you are, and that’s what I got to experience late August when I met Gianna and Max at a photographer’s retreat in New York City. We bonded throughout the day, and when I brought up the idea of meeting halfway in between our two homes and showed Gianna the inspo I had saved on Pinterest I got to see her eyes light up and immediately knew we were going to create something amazing together at this Halloween themed bridal shoot.

To make things easier on their heads and necks, I carved foam craft pumpkins instead of natural ones. The bride’s is from Michael’s and the Groom’s from Joann’s because my local Micael’s sold out of the orange 13″, but I love the way having the two different pumpkins make them look more real. It was easy to carve them, but if you’re planning to make your own I suggest having a vacuum and lint roller on hand for clean up. The foam shavings got everywhere. As a bonus my beautiful pumpkin heads won’t rot, and I can use them again for another styled shoot in the future (assuming I can find somewhere to keep them in my midtown apartment). The veil is actually the longest piece of white gauzy lace I could get my hands on in Joann’s Fabrics, ruched with a safety pin and held in place with staples in true five minute crafts style.

So plans made and pumpkins carved, one brisk yet sunny October afternoon we all drove out to the picturesque Tarrywile park in Danbury, Connecticut – one of my new favorite photoshoot locations in the tristate area. They donned the pumpkins, I hefted my camera, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The faces behind the pumpkins

I also just want to take a moment to thank Gianna and Max, without whom this Halloween themed bridal shoot wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you both so much for playing along with my crazy idea and driving out to meet me! I hope you had as much fun as I did.

The Details

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