A masterclass on nerding out in style

Adrienne and Dan knew that if their wedding was going to be a true celebration of their love for each other, they would need to include their love for Star Wars as well. They choose to forgo full comic con mode and instead placed tasteful hints of the theme in the details and decor. Each table was named after a different planet visited in the Star Wars movies, and guests were welcomed into the reception space by a vintage lunch box acting as their card drop, a Millennium Falcon shaped heart drop guest book, and Dan’s impressive collection of replica helmets – like those seen on Darth Vader and the Mandalorian. Dan’s ring has the inscription “I love you. I know” on the inside to match their vows, and his boutonniere featured a tiny Millennium Falcon toy. Most importantly, they had George Lucas impersonator Connor Ratliff of the George Lucas Talk Show as their officiant, so they can say their wedding was directed by the best in the business.

The Details

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