Even the bouncer was in on the plan

When Spencer started planning his surprise proposal to Marley he left no detail overlooked. Together with her best friend, he created a fictitious work event and the best friend was hiding downstairs so her iPhone location would be in the right place. The bouncer and hostesses all asked Marley if she was here for the “Pepsi Party”, but when Marley opened the door to the rooftop bar instead of finding a crowd of advertisement people networking, she saw Spencer waiting with a speaker playing her favorite song, candles, pictures of the two of them from all their years of dating – including their high school prom picture! – a ring and a very important question.

Later Marley would be surprised to find that her parents were in town and her sister had built her a bridal wardrobe so she would be ready for her engagement party the next day! Gentlemen, take notes from Spencer. And, when in doubt, asking your girlfriend’s best friends for advice and help planning this moment is always a good idea.

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