A High Octane Wedding Celebration at Brooklyn’s Fandi Mata

The groom’s dj set made this wedding a night to remember

After a private ceremony at City Hall on Thursday, Meera and Eric wanted their wedding reception to be an absolute party.

They started the evening with a first look and portraits – knowing that once their guests got there they wouldn’t want to leave the party. Then once everyone was inside Fandi Mata, they both came down the grand staircase arm and arm with their parents. In front of all their loved ones, they exchanged floral garlands in a Varmala ceremony, and thanked everyone for coming to celebrate with them. Fandi Mata’s brilliant team supplied the guests with delicious food and amazing drinks, and once everyone had their fill the dance floor opened.

As can only be expected from a couple who likes to rave, Meera and Eric wanted the dance floor to be the main event of the evening. They trusted their dj to take care of most of the night, but in a surprise to the guests, the groom then took over for a short but impressive set. Before he began, Meera took the mike and informed everyone that from the moment he’d proposed, Eric had been practicing his dj skills, so the dance floor had better be packed.

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